About me

I am an experienced front-end developer cooperating mainly with interactive agencies from Europe and the United States.

I specialise in creating great quality websites which work excellently with all devices. My distinguishing feature is my attention to details combined with an efficient execution of projects before the deadline.


I am a Front-end Developer, a traveller and an amateur swimmer. I hold an MSc degree in Computer Science with specialization in “Multimedia and Creative Technologies” from the UTP University of Science and Technology. Over the last several years, I have become a specialist in website creation using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I focused on developing of my abilities, and I am now able to execute projects very quickly and efficiently.


I started my career in the IT industry in 2008. Back then I divided my time equally between a full time tech job and additional projects which I handled after hours.

At my full-time job, my main duties were creating Internet shops and training clients on their management.

A year later I started working remotely for CloudAccess.net where I developed a platform which would service hosting clients, as well as the company website. I also created club templates for content management systems that would later to be sold.

At the end of 2014, after 6 years of work, I decided to resign from my full time job and devote my full attention to freelance web development.

I began my freelance career assisting interactive agencies in the execution of their projects. You can find out more about my career at my LinkedIn profile.

Dominik Kucharski experience


I believe the best things in life are those that drive you to excel. That is why it is important to have a job which you can be passionate about. My passion for computer design is the reason why I have such a positive attitude each day. This allows me to gladly take on subsequent projects, and continuously learn new skills.

In my work, I specifically focus on the quality of my code and strive to provide the best possible reflection of the graphic designer’s work. I know, that this is the most important aspect for the client in the long-term perspective. I believe that a website should not only be a medium providing bare facts, but it should also be a part of the brand and a place where the viewers gain a positive experience.

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    Dominik Kucharski - Freelancer
    ul. Malczewskiego 18d/8
    71-612 Szczecin, Poland
    VAT Number: PL5562480597
    E-mail: contact@mino.pro
    Skype: dominik.piotr.kucharski